Margin Markets Performance Statistics

As an established authority in forex trading, Margin Markets performance statistics are verified and published. Our aim is not only to reset the standards and benchmarks within the forex industry, but also to create awareness and deliver the highest levels of transparency to all our clients. The statistics below reveal the kind of unparalleled trading conditions and exemplary customer service we pride ourselves on.  

Client Satisfaction and Services

At Margin Markets we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients receive the excellent support they deserve, making their trading experience optimal and user-friendly. From our super-fast client approval procedure to our swift client fund processing, our goal is to provide you with an outstanding service in every way.


Less than 12mins


More than 84% processed within 5 mins


More than 90% Positive

Order Execution Speed

Margin Markets award-winning order execution speeds ensure that your trading experience is superior at all times. We know that speed is crucial for you to get the best possible price, which is why we execute your trades in lightning-fast record-breaking speeds.


Giving a new meaning to slippage, Margin Markets positive slippage statistics mean that we don’t just rest by providing the requested price; we aim for best execution. The majority of Margin Markets clients receive improved pricing through positive slippage. In fact, it’s usually even better than your initial request. Reduced negative slippage has become an Margin Markets standard and we aim to keep it that way!


Margin Markets has a deep liquidity pool available through top-tier banks and financial institutions, which allows us to fill your orders even when markets experience extra high volatility. Our re-quote rate has already reached extremely competitive lows and we’re looking to go even lower!